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    KIWI TRAVELLING OVERSEAS is a comprehensive travel insurance for people who live in NZ (NZ residents with or without resident visas and citizens) and travelling overseas for purposes of tourism and studies. In particular, this policy is also designed for working holiday visa holders. This is underwritten by Allianz, one of New Zealand’s best known and most trusted brands, offering a broad range of travel insurance to thousands of New Zealanders.

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    Travelling overseas without travel insurance is a big risk. Unexpected illness and accidents can happen to anyone, and medical treatment or hospitalization can quickly become very expensive. There is also the risk of flight cancellations, missed connections and lost luggage.  With KIWI TRAVELLING OVERSEAS you can relax and enjoy your overseas holiday and it is good to know that you are covered if things go wrong.

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    NOTE : KIWI TRAVELLING OVERSEAS is designed only for studies, leisure or holiday travel (inc working holiday visas), and also for temporary office work experience overseas. If you intend to work overseas in manual or hazardous work, you will need to take our plan KIWI WORKING OVERSEAS>>.


ATTENTION: Unfortunately this policy does not cover if you are already overseas.

However we offer another solution with Globe Traveller or Globe Trotter Cover people under40) if you are in this situation (for a quote please contact us>>)

  • No limit of age
  • Country of residence : you must live in New Zealand to apply to this policy. No resident visa is required.
  • Country of destination : Worldwide.
  • Duration : up to 365 days (renewable once while overseas).
  • Individual or family plans.
  • Cover for epidemic and pandemic diseases inc Covid 19 (cancellation and medical expenses) 
  • In contrast of most of NZ travel insurances, you can cover only part of your trip and coming back to NZ is not compulsary, meaning that you do not need to hold a return ticket to NZ

 Remember please that this policy must be purchased before you leave New Zealand.



Policy Option Comprehensive Essentials
Cancellation / travel disruption benefits
Loss of deposits due to cancellation Unlimited $5,000
Cancellation of journey paid in full Unlimited $5,000
Curtailment Unlimited $5,000
Missed connection/ travel delay $15,000 $500
Medical Benefits
Medical  Unlimited $250,000
Medical / Terrorism $250,000 Nil
Follow-on medical treatment $2,000 Nil
Dental as a result of an injury $3,000 $500
Emergency dental - pain relief  $1,000 Nil
Incidental hospital expenses $4,000 / $50 per day  Nil
Accompanying person costs $15,000 Nil
Search and Rescue $20,000 Nil
Life Benefits
Funeral expenses $25,000 $10,000
Accidental death  $50,000 Nil
Accidental death / Terrorism $25,000 Nil
Baggage, Personal Effects, and Money Benefits
Personal baggage - total limit  $30,000 $5,000
Personal Liability Benefits
Rental vehicle excess $6,000 $1,000
Personal liability $2,500,000 $500,000

Please Note:

  • On the Comprehensive Plan, you have the options of selecting;
    • No excess 
    • $150 excess
    • $250 excess
  • On the Essential Plan, you have the options of either $150 or $250 excess.
Download Full Table of Benefits here >>


Feel free to get a quote or subscribe online by clicking on the link below (once there, please click on 'Leisure Outbound' box)

Additional Info

Below, the documents related to this insurance policy.

Kiwi Traveling Overseas PW 1 12 20

  • 1st prize: Refund of your airticket to your favourite working holiday destination (up to €1.000)
  • 2nd prize: 1 tablet  (up to €350)
  • 3rd to 5th prize: €50 refund onto your CCM assurance premium
  • 6th to 10th prize: Amazon voucher value 20€
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