Working Holiday or Student Travelers

STUDENT & WORKING HOLIDAY COVER is tailored for you if you are going to a foreign country under working holiday visa or for study purposes, and you are living in the European Union (including Switzerland&Norway).

STUDENT & WORKING HOLIDAY COVER will cover your medical expenses at 100% with no excess, your cost of repatriation or evacuation, and legal liability for the damage you may cause to another party.

STUDENT & WORKING HOLIDAY COVER benefits: Hassle free policy: No medical questions or formalities when you apply: Cover of your hospitalization expenses: On call, 24H/24 7D/7 assistance: Fast service and payment of your claim:  Free app allowing you to take a photo of your medical bills and share instantly with our department claim: Reimbursements processed within 72 working hours.

STUDENT&WORKING HOLIDAY COVER will provide cover to all your outdoor or sport activities (except the following; motor sport, professional sport, air sports other than those listed below, fighting sports, snow sports out of tracks or commercial ski fields restricting access due to weather conditions, ski competitions, mountaineering >3,500m, caving > -100m plus a few other activities less frequent)
Air sports covered: Delta-plane, para-gliding and Kite-Surfing. (often excluded in other policies)

ATTENTION: You must live in European Economic Area (EEA) + Switzerland to apply for this policy


Medical expenses at 100% (with no excess or deductible) including hospitalisation, prescriptions, specialists, general practitioners, exams as X-rays or blood tests
Up to €500,000 in following countries: USA, Canada, Argentine, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan
€200,000 in all other destinations
Emergency dental treatment : up to €300 (€600 if injury or accident)
Your repatriation up to 100% with no excess
Travel cost for a relative to stay with you in case of your hospitalisation: return ticket + accommodation (€100 a day up to 10 days)
Your repatriation in case of serious illness or death affecting your close relatives (inc grand parents) : return ticket
Continuation of travel (return ticket)
Search & Rescue costs up to €5,000
Legal protection (bond and lawyer costs)
Legal liability up to €4,500,000
Tenancy legal liability up to €300,000
Personal Belongings and Luggage during all your stay inc journeys up to €2,000
Option accidental death (€12,000) or injury (€50,000) & In hospital personal cash (€50 per day)
Good to know:
  • You are covered for temporary returns in your country of origin (up to 30 days each trip)
  • You are covered out of your main destination anywhere in the World up to 90 days, before, during or after your main stay (if policy is still valid)
  • You must live in European Economic Area (EEA) + Switzerland to apply for this policy
  • You need to be student or working holiday visa holder to apply for this policy
  • You must take this policy at least the day before your departure otherwise you need to contact us>>
  • You are covered for your main destination under working holiday visa and in any other countries, whatever your visa status allows, before, during, and, or, after your stay in your main destination (up to 90 days per trip)
  • You can renew your policy while overseas under condition you do so before the expiry date
  • Age of applicants limited to 35


Terms&Conditions (legal liability)>>

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Now you can apply up to 2 years in particular to comply with canadian immigration requirements:

 Duration  15 days  1 month 2 mths  3 mths 4 mths 5 mths 6 mths 7 mths 8 mths 9 mths 10 mths 11 mths 12 mths
Premium   €56   €67   €97   €135   €163   €199   €232   €267   €301   €334   €365   €398   €398
Duration n/a 13 mths 14 mths 15 mths 16 mths 17 mths 18 mths 19 mths 20 mths 21 mths 22 mths 23 mths 24 mths
Premium n/a €465 €495 €533 €561 €597 €630 €665 €699 €732 €763 €796 €796

12th and 24th months are free

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