CCM Cancellation Cover

This policy covers the financial consequences (costs of airline tickets, accomodation or all other travel services) arising from a cancellation when unexpected happens as: illness or accident, death in your family, significant damage occurring to your home, redundancy, change of dates of your holiday by the employer but not only that as we also cover:

  • your luggage
  • flights delayed
  • and on the top of that, the interruption of your trip (most of this type of policies cover only cancellation before the departure)

Cancellation insurance CCM can be taken separately from other policies or covers

Individual or family contract

No limit of age

Important: This policy covers all destinations including your country of origin, meaning that you can insure any other accommodation or travel expenses in your country of living as in any other country.

Attention: cancellation policy must be taken before cancellation fees are in force with your tour operator or airlines company or at the latest, 48 hours after paying travel expenses to cover


Whatever zone of destination: 3.95 % of your trip costs


  • Minimum €45 applies per insured person going to moyen haul destination (Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom.
  • Minimum is €68 per insured person for the rest of the World.

 limits of cover are €4,000 per insured person with a total of €20,000€ per event.


Residents of  European Economic Area (European Union + Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) and a few overseas french territories.


CANCELLATION  4,000 € / insured person maximum  €20,000/event

. Serious sickness or injury, deaths including relapse
or worsening

 No excess
. Troubles in pregnancy,  €30/insured person
. Redundancy,  same
. Notification of job or trainee course  to unemployed people  same
. Change of dates of your holiday by the employer,  same
. Serious damage to your home, your holiday home or your professional premises (damages over €2 500),  same
. Serious damage to your vehicle occuring within 48 hours before the departure and under condition that the damaged car is necessary to go to your place of holiday,  same
. Visa declined,  same
. Notification to attend to Law Court as witness, juror or for child adoption,  same
.Other unexpected events : Any event unexpected, sudden, unpredictable at the booking date, beyond your control and preventing the insured people to travel  
. Excess other unexpected event 10% of amount covered with minimum €100/ insured person
Per insured person €1,000
Sub-limit precious items €500
. Excess €25/case
Over 4 hours of delay from departure time (G) (G) up to €90 per person and €400 per event
Over 6 hours of delay from departure time (H) (H) €30 per 2 hours of delay with up to €200 per person and €400 per event
In case of :
. Medical repatriation of insured people, family member or travel companion
. Serious damages in your home
€2,500 /insured person
Max. €14,000/eventReimbursement in proportion of unused time
. Excess €30 per insured person

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