Worldwide Travel Insurance

You are a traveler from the day you leave home until the day you return.  Travel and Health/Medical insurance is essential in providing protection for you and your loved ones.  There are always going to be risks when traveling abroad, unexpected medical conditions, theft, driving accidents etc can result in huge costs.  Adequate cover provides peace of mind and protects your finances.

CCM Cancellation Cover

Cancellation Cover Policy covering the financial consequences (costs of airline tickets, accommodation or all other travel services) arising from a cancellation when the unexpected happens.

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Globe Trotter Cover (&Schengen Cover > 3 months)

Globe Trotter Cover is a comprehensive travel insurance tailored for people of all nationalities travelling in any country other than their country of origin.This policy particularly suits working holiday or student visa holders for any destination in the World including France and complies with schengen visa requirements.

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Schengen&France Cover < 3 months

Comprehensive Travel insurance for travelers intending to visit or stay, in Europe within the Schengen area including  France. Suits Working Holiday Visa holders or Students.

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