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For 13 years CCM has brought to the New Zealand market competitive car insurance policies for both Third Party and Comprehensive cover. In contrast of most of the insurance companies in New Zealand, our policies specialise in covering modified vehicles, for living and sleeping, even though relevant vehicles have been DIY (Do It Yourself) modified for this purpose. Our policies cover also vehicles used for professional purposes (very rare to find in the New Zealand.


Although car insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand, we strongly recommend you cover your vehicle. The financial consequences resulting from an accident can be very high.

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Attention: covers all damages (accident, theft, fire, windows...) to your vehicle, whether your are at fault or not.

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Attention: Third Party covers damages caused to other party in case of accident at fault, not to your vehicle.

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Attention: this option covers assistance and towing costs of your vehicle in case of mechanical breakdown (so not consecutive to an accident)
Costs of mechanical repairs themselves are not covered


  • We cover vehicles modified into campervans. Insurance companies in New Zealand do not cover them with their standard policies.
  • Under Comprehensive policy, we cover purchase value of your vehicle (up to 150% of market value), not only market value which is much lower as not taking into account modifications to modify your vehicle into campervan.
  • We offer Roadside Assistance option with our policies as in New Zealand, in contrast of European countries, this option is not automatically included or available with local insurance companies.

Who can apply ?

Anybody entitled to lawfully drive in New Zealand whatever the nationality.

International drivers
If you are visiting from another country or have recently arrived in New Zealand, and you have a current and valid driver licence or international driving permit (IDP), you can drive for a maximum of 12 months from the date you arrive in New Zealand. (Each time you visit New Zealand, you may drive for a further 12-month period on a valid overseas driver licence or IDP, as long as you stay for no more than a year at a time.) If you are driving using an IDP you must also carry your overseas licence with you.

Note: if your licence or IDP is not in English, you must carry an accurate English translation issued by:

  • a translation service approved by the NZTA (phone the NZTA's driver licensing contact centre on 0800 822 422 for a list of approved translation services), or
  • a diplomatic representative at a high commission, embassy or consulate, or
  • the authority that issued your licence.

Note: if your driver licence is not in English, an IDP in English may be acceptable as a translation.

If you don't have a current and valid overseas driver licence or IDP then you cannot drive in New Zealand. If you want to drive then you must apply for a New Zealand driver licence.

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