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    CCM Assurance is a long standing health insurance provider in New Zealand. Currently, we are able to offer two effective health plans which we do so in partnership with a trusted and renowned New Zealand medical insurance company.

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    New Zealand has a public health system which is highly effective in urgent situations such as accidents and emergencies. Treatment for non-urgent cases, which could include major illnesses, can result in long and uncomfortable waits on public hospital waiting lists. These delays can prevent you from returning to your normal life sooner and that is where Health Insurance can help.


  • You must hold a minimum of 2 years 'Work Visa' (or a total of 24 months of visas in New Zealand if you had 2 or more visas)
  • a New Zealand ‘Resident Visa’.
  • or a New Zealand citizenship.


Smartcare and Smartcare+ are the compulsory base plans. You need to choose one of these base plans. 

  • SmartCare is a Hospital and Surgical base plan, which covers you for larger expenses including surgery (an operation or procedure to treat a disease or an illness) and private hospital admission (treatment in a private hospital without the need for surgery).
  • SmartCare+ is an extended Hospital and Surgical base plan designed specifically for those who want, or require, a more enhanced level of cover. This plan offers the benefits of SmartCare as well as additional benefits such as; the added value of a Non-Pharmac drug benefit, a medical tourism benefit, an overseas waiting list benefit, and an increase on the bereavement grant.

Benefits Smartcare+ Smartcare
General surgery $500,000 per policy year $300,000 per policy year
Major diagnostic procedures  $500,000 per policy year $300,000 per policy year
Oral surgery $300,000 per policy year $300,000 per policy year
Private hospital medical admission $300,000 per policy year $200,000 per policy year
Non-PHARMAC subsidised drugs
Cover while in Australia
Funeral support grant $10 000 $2 500
Best Doctors
Health check Active loyalty benefit $150 every 3 policy years $150 every 3 policy years
Bowel screening Active loyalty benefit
  • SmartCare can be tailored to meet you and your family‘s needs by adding modules to this base plan. You can add the following plans :  
    • Specialist
    • Natural Health
    • GP
    • Dental & Optical
    • Day to Day
Specialist consultations $5,000
Diagnostic tests $5,000
Mental health (included under sspecialist consultations) $500


Natural Health
Chiropractic and osteopath consultations up to $240
Other health practitioners up to $200


GP visits $55 per visit
Nurse visits $35 per visit
Prescriptions up to $400


Dental and Optical
Optometrist consultations up to $300
Prescription glasses/contact lenses up to $300
Dental cover up to $500


Day to Day

Day to day is another add-one module option. It has been designed to help cover the daily costs of maintaining good health, such as seeing a general practitioner, dentist or optician, getting prescription drugs, or preparing for winter with an annual flu shot. Natural therapy treatments are also included to help members improve health and well-being. This plan is ideal if you wish to be covered for your day to day health expenses. Day to Day offers good value for your money and is a great add-on to your base plan. See the list of benefits be :

GP and nurse visits cover up to $150 per policy year
Specialist consultations cover up to $100 first visit/ $40 follow-up
Prescription drugs cover up to $100 per policy year
Imaging and private hospital fees cover up to $600 per policy year
Health practitioner treatments cover up to $150 per policy year
Health surveillance test cover up to $100 per policy year
Optical and dentistry cover up to  $150 per policy year
Flu vaccination cover up to  $45 per policy year
Good to know : The total reimbursement of this option is limited to $600 per year (more details in the full table of benefits below).


Download Full Table of Benefits here >>


Additional Info

This insurance offers exclusive features such as;

You can pay 'PART' or 'ALL' of your insurance by referring your friends to CCM, and at the same time, they can also save money on the price of their insurance!

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