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  • worldwide travel insurance

    Your full comprehensive Worldwide travel Insurance from as little as €1.67 per day

  • individual

    GLOBE TRAVELLER is a very comprehensive travel insurance policy tailored for people of all nationalities whatever their status of visa under age of 66. It will provide you with cover in any country you are visiting, other than your country of origin, even though you are already overseas (8 days waiting time apply in this case)

    The policy also complies with Schengen visa requirements.

  • hospital

    GLOBE TRAVELLER is a hassle-free policy:

    • No medical questions or formalities when you apply
    • Covers hospitalization expenses on a simple call, 24 hour / 7 day assistance
    • Fast service and reimbursement of claims (by email under €500)
    • Reimbursements processed with 5 working days.
    • Cover in all countries within chosen zone (except home country)
  • stethoscope

    GLOBE TRAVELLER will cover your medical expenses at 100% with no excess, your cost of repatriation or evacuation, your personal belongings, transport delays, legal liability for the damage you may cause to another party. A few options are available as cancellation, cover of outdoor activities presenting high risks and damages to sport gear.


  • >> This policy covers medical expenses due to epidemic or pandemic (including Covid 19)<<
  • Open to : any applicant whatever the nationality and destination (except country of residence).
  • Duration : 1-12 months, renewable before date of expiry, and after consent from the insurance company for policies over 12 months.
  • Limit of age : 65 years.
  • Purpose of your trip :
    • For all types of temporary travel (tourism, professional, studies, work visa)
  • Countries covered : all destinations in the area chosen (home country excluded).
  • Purchase : this policy must be purchased before your departure. If you are already travelling, 8 days waiting time apply.
  • Refunds : no refund is possible once policy is issued.


  • Medical expenses including surgery and hospitalisation, general practitioners or specialists visits, exams, X-rays, blood tests : 100% up to €150,000, with no excess. Options to cover up to €300,000 or €500,000. For USA/Canada only €500,000 option is available.
  • Dental injury : 100% (limited up to €600).
  • Dental pain relief : 100% (limited up to €300).
  • Medical/Transport & repatriation : 100%.
  • Visit from a relative in the case your hospitalization more than 6 days. Includes a return ticket + €80 a night (up to 8 nights).
  • Repatriation for unexpected death of a family member: return ticket.
  • Search & rescue costs : 100% up to €5,000.
  • Cash advance in case of theft : up to €700.
  • Legal assistance : lawyer costs or legal bond up to €7,000.
  • Legal liability : up to €4,500,000.
  • Accidental death or disablement cover : up to €50,000 with no excess.
  • Luggage cover : to €2,000. Basic necessities up to €150 in case of late delivery (> 24 hours)
  • Travel delay (exceeding 4 hours): Costs of meals, transfer and first night, up to € 150 per person
    • Trip Cancellation: Up to € 9,000 per person
    • Outdoor activities or sport with high risks
    • Cover of sport gear/equipment

Good to know :

Please note that pre existing conditions are not covered and policies only cover unexpected medical conditions.

Download Full Table of Benefits here >>


IMPORTANT NOTICE : if North America (USA/Canada) is one of your destinations, you must specify as 1st destination on application/quote form. Otherwise, if not, you are covered for all other destinations and just need to enter 1st country of destination

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Additional Info

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GT IPID 2024

  • 1st prize: Refund of your airticket to your favourite working holiday destination (up to €1.000)
  • 2nd prize: 1 tablet  (up to €350)
  • 3rd to 5th prize: €50 refund onto your CCM assurance premium
  • 6th to 10th prize: Amazon voucher value 20€
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