Refer a friend and save money!


How that works?

  • Subscribe one of the following contracts:

Student&Working Holiday Cover>>
New Zealand Car Insurance>>

  • Then refer our insurance to your friends on Facebook, blog or travelers forums and receive a discount of 5% of the premium you have paid (per mate) with a maximum of 5% of their premium.

For instance, if you refer 10 friends, you will receive 50% refund of total of their insurance premium!

Your friends will also receive 5% discount on their own premium.

  • Easy as to claim: when your friends take the policy, they just need to mention your name on the application form

You will then be re-credited on the credit card with which you have paid on our website. Your mates also receive 5% credit after completion.

The offer is not limited in term of number of friends, that means that you can get more credit than you paid for your insurance!

An example?

You have paid 12 months Working Holiday Cover 398 euros and you refer a friend taking the same plan for the same duration, you and your mate receive 20 euros (5% of 398 euro)

You refer 5 mates, you will receive 100 euros and each of your friends 20 euros and so on without limit.

So do not wait to subscribe and share it with your friends.

  • Note: We may end up this special offer without further notice.


  • You cannot combinate this discount with other ones like couples, applications from CCM's Partners, car insurance so please contact us in order to avoid any misuderstanding.
  • Discount is not paid when referred people are already overseas.
  • You must hold a valid policy as above described to be entitled to get this discount.
  • You must provide evidence you comply with these intructions within 8 days after payment of your application
  • Payment of discount is subject to compliance with these instruction by both, referring and referred friends
  • You cannot change referring friends after application made and paid.
  • This offer is not available in case of renewals. However, customers renewing their policy can apply for the sane discount on request.
  • Discount limited to €20 to referring friends for car insurance.